1. Attend every meeting or have a substitute attend for you. You must be on time and stay for the entire meeting.

2. Give your 1 minute referral speech at every meeting. If you have a sub, provide them with a 1 minute referral request before the meeting.

3. Meet with other members outside the weekly meetings to learn about their businesses, interests, goals, and what makes a good referral.

4. Regularly bring visitors and guests to the meetings. Anyone is welcome to visit unless their profession is in direct conflict with an existing member. Do not pre-qualify or judge their potential to become a member. If they cannot join, they may know someone who can, or they may give a referral.

5. Everyone should assume the role of "Host" and make all visitors and guests feel welcome. If you bring a guest, you do not need to 'babysit' your guest because everyone should take turns talking to and networking with all of the guests.

6. Regularly pass quality referrals to other members. An example of a quality referral is one where you provide an introduction between the person who needs a product or service and the member. Follow up to make sure the member contacts that person. An example of a 'cold' or undesirable referral is one where you heard second hand that someone needs something, but you did not talk to them directly nor give them the member's contact information.

7. Carry business cards of the other members so that you can hand them out when someone expresses a need that one of our members can fill.

8. When a member gives you a referral, you must follow up in a timely fashion. Give the referring member updates on the status of the referral.

9. Bring and make available your business cards. The group will keep a binder of business cards for members only. Visitors will be given an opportunity to pass out their business cards at the meeting. (The only exception is if visitors or subs that overlap occupations with a member cannot give a personal '1 minute' or pass out their business cards.)

10. Everyone will be required to give a 10-minute presentation to the group on a rotating basis. This gives you an in-depth opportunity to highlight your business: what makes you unique or different from others in your profession, what products and services you offer, what makes a good (or bad) referral, what questions to ask others if they can use your products or services.

11. If you or your company offers products or services that overlap with another member, and that member listed them on their application, then you are not allowed to mention those products and services in the meetings or in your 1 minute referral request. Once that you are doing business with someone, you are allowed to discuss all of your products and services.

12. Be respectful of our meeting space and leave it clean and in its original condition.

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