1. Anyone desiring to join a group must fill out an application. The membership committee will interview the applicant, review and verify the application, then vote whether to fill the position. 

2. Membership dues are $120/year, $60 paid semi-annually on Jan 1st and July 1st. There are no application fees or room dues. There will be no refund of paid membership dues.

3. Upon acceptance into the group, you are required to pay your membership dues, prorated from the month that you start, calculated at $10/month.

4. If your dues are not paid within two weeks of the due date,  by Jan 15th & July 15th, your classification will be opened.

5. Only 1 of each occupation is allowed in the group. Therefore, the applicant must explicitly state on their application which occupations/classifications they represent. If there is any concern that someone may overlap occupations with an existing member, then that member should express his/her concerns before the application is approved.

6. A person who only does their occupation 'part-time' is discouraged from joining unless they can vouch that 1) they can make all meetings, 2) they can meet with members outside the meetings for '1 to 1's' during normal work hours, and 3) their hours of operation are typical of that profession.

7. Similarly, a person who is already in a networking group that is exclusive (only 1 person per profession) is discouraged from joining unless they show strong willingness to put CBB first. It is a conflict of interest to belong to two such groups simultaneously.

8. There is an attendance policy. You are required to attend every week unless you find a substitute for that week. You are allowed to miss 4 times per 6-month period (Jan-Jun & July-Dec) without penalty. Substitutes do not count toward your misses. Barring extenuating circumstances (to be reviewed by the Membership Committee) you will be asked to remove yourself from the group after your 5th absence and your position will be opened.

9. You are allowed to take a medical leave of absence, up to 8 weeks per calendar year, due to health related issues for yourself or your immediate family (spouse, children, parents, etc.). Please discuss with Membership Committee. The MC should be mindful of of the facts that family relationships can be complicated and to treat each situation with the attention that it deserves. During your absence, it is encouraged, but not mandatory to find substitutes.

10. Anyone can be a substitute. Period. Substitutes will be required to perform your duties during the meeting (i.e. your '1 minute referral') and relay any information back to you. A substitute can attend multiple meetings, but you are encouraged to vary the people that you use for a sub so that 1) we see more new faces and 2) people do not become 'semi-regulars' without paying dues. Ultimately, any sub is preferred to no sub, especially when notice is last minute. If the sub has a profession that conflicts with another member, they would not be able to promote their own business.

11. Non-members, 'visitors,' are encouraged to visit our group. A visitor can attend twice in a 6 month time period without joining. Being a substitute does not count toward being a visitor.

12. All major policy changes must be approved by majority vote.

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